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Proactive Parenting

How do you raise confident, resilient, and Independent children, while mitigating the ill effects of wealth and privilege?

I will teach you the skills to guide your children towards responsible adulthood while avoiding the pitfalls of jealousy, anxiety, dependency, and entitlement.

Successful Successions

How can you bequeath your wealth AND your values to your children?

My expertise is in the human side of estate planning. I work collaboratively with you to develop an ethical will, which, alongside your estate plan, will reflect your expectations for appropriate conduct, explain the reason for your allocations, clarify roles and provide mechanisms for healthy debate and conflict resolution. This establishes a legacy of high standards, security, and harmony for your successors.

Strategic Life-Work Assessment (SLWA)

Beginning with a thorough analysis of your (or your family’s) patterns of behavior, the SLWA identifies your (or your family’s) unique set of strengths and vulnerabilities.

With this knowledge in hand, I will show you how to maximize your potential to successfully achieve your goals.



A House Divided

Before you initiate a divorce or take legal action against another family member, it is critical to recognize the legal system is not designed to address the emotional concerns that are at the root of family fights.

I will help you lower the threat level, mediate the dispute, resolve interpersonal conflicts and set the course for building long-term trust amongst family members for healthier and rewarding relationships.


Is your loved one is an alcoholic, a compulsive gambler, addicted to illegal drugs, prescription medication, or online porn? Addiction of any kind destroys trust in relationships and threatens the wellbeing, reputation and finances of the entire family.

I will assist you in developing a comprehensive intervention plan including the most effective resources in the field of addictions treatment.

Love on the Rocks

Is your marriage on life-support? Are you simply resigned to live unhappily ever after? Are you contemplating divorce? Call me before you call it quits. Even if your spouse has given up, you can still save your marriage.

I have rescued countless relationships by working with only one spouse who is willing to give love one more chance.

Seperation Anxiety

There are times where peace can only be achieved through separation. Divorce, especially after many years of marriage, is almost synonymous with acrimony. A similar dynamic can arise when relatives must leave a family business, divide assets and go their separate ways. In these emotionally trying situations, people often find themselves wallowing in past resentments, angry about inequities and brooding over revenge.

I help my clients get “unstuck” and refocused on a productive and prosperous future without being victimized or condoning bad behavior.

Overcoming Fear

Is your child anxious, uncomfortable in social settings, clingy, or uneasy about school? Are you worried if he or she will be okay?

Instead of investing a lot of time and money in therapy or prescription drugs, let me show you my breakthrough method for raising confident, resiliant children.

TTS - Terrible Teen Syndrome

Is your teenager oppositional, defiant or engaging in delinquent behaviors? A troubled teen causes stress to your marriage, disrupts family harmony and can even be harmful to your health.

I will show you how to take back your parental authority, put an end to disrespectful and inappropriate behaviors and guide your son or daughter to a more wholesome, polite and productive path.

Worst Case Scenarios

Debilitating illness or death of a family leader requires effective responses in order to keep your life in balance and your relationships and finances intact.

In times of crisis or grief, I will show you how to harness the emotional energy of these experiences to find personal meaning,  strengthen family bonds and ensure that you are not broken by sorrow, guilt and blame.

Good Grief

The loss of a loved one is always heartbreaking. The untimely or tragic death of a family member can be devastating.

I work with families to engage in a meaningful process of grief and mourning that properly memorializes your dearly departed. Rather than lose yourself in sorrow, your can emerge with a newfound resilience and appreciation for life, while carrying the legacy of your loved-one into the future.



Your Family Dynamic

Market fluctuations, unforseen competitors or the introduction of new members in the family unit are all formidable challenges to a family business that can lead to stress and anxiety.

I will show you how to convert these unanticipated challenges into growing pains that will lead to greater wisdom, maturity and strength.

Checked Balance

Innumerable family conflicts can be prevented by using a family strategist as a sounding board, mediator and adviser.

Apart from facilitating better communications, I will deliver a reality check when you need it most.





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What is Strategic Family Solution?

Strategic Family Solution (SFS) is a unique program that provides proven solutions for high-net-worth individuals, leaders, and business owners who are facing life transitions, family conflict, and personal crisis.

What type of problems does Strategic Family Solution address?

SFS is designed to address issues that relate to family, work, and wealth. Such as:

  • Marriage:
    • Premarital Coaching
    • Affairs or emotional infidelity
    • Marital stress due to parenting difficulties
    • Loss of marital intimacy or passion
    • Addiction
  • Divorce:
    • How to separate without exit wounds
    • How to end the fighting and move on with your life
    • Helping children caught in the middle or aftermath of a toxic divorce
    • Challenges related to second marriages and blended families
  • Parenting:
    • Parenting in a culture of overindulgence, dependency and entitlement
    • Effective parenting for entitled, self-centered, oppositional, or delinquent children
    • Helping your child overcome anxiety and social phobia
    • How to talk to your kids about money
    • Using money to motivate but not disable your children
    • Challenges of the digital age
    • Bullying
    • Failure to launch
    • Dealing with addiction
    • Effective succession planning
  • Life Balance:
    • Effectively managing family responsibilities and work demands
    • Recovering from burnout
    • Navigating through mid-life crises
    • Creating a culture of philanthropy in your home
    • Maintaining and regaining sight of your ultimate goals
  • Children:
    • Managing controlling, narcissistic, or manipulative parents
    • Developing healthy boundaries with your in-laws
    • Healing and recovering from loss of a parent or close family member
    • Siblings
    • Effective responses to favoritism or jealousy over unequal treatment
    • Dealing with “freeloaders” within the family entity
    • Managing an incompetent or immature sibling
    • Family Business and Estate Planning
    • Creating an ethical will
    • Developing appropriate communication skills for relationships amongst family members who are also coworkers and employees
    • Techniques for reducing sibling rivalry
    • Responding to appointments based on nepotism over competence
How does Strategic Family Solution benefit affluent families?

Dr. Lerner will identify core problems that underlie interpersonal tensions and work with you to reduce emotionally hurtful and financially hazardous behaviors. He works quickly, decisively and discreetly to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and avoid unnecessary and damaging public exposure.

How does Strategic Family Solution benefit family businesses?

SFS offers competitive and financial advantages for your business.

  • When family members are working well together, a family business has an edge over similar non‐family entities due to candid communication, higher trust and confidence in one another, and greater personal investment of individuals working towards a collective goal.
  • Money is saved from poor investments, unnecessary supervision and micromanagement, redundant meetings, legal fees and payouts that occur when mistrust and infighting exist.
  • Reducing work‐related stress leads to a decrease in sick days, better decision‐making, and a more cohesive and focused entity.
  • Savings from conflict and stress‐related expenditures can be redistributed as profit or reinvested into ventures that will help the business and its beneficiaries flourish.
How did Strategic Family Solution emerge?

A seasoned psychotherapist, teacher, and entrepreneur, Dr. Daniel Lerner’s varied experiences afford him an insider’s view of both the benefits and risks of material wealth. Dr. Lerner’s early clinical work at a residential treatment center for compulsive gamblers brought him into contact with many high‐profile, affluent individuals whose reputations, wealth and businesses were threatened by issues related to unhealthy family relationships. Dr. Lerner’s ability to earn and sustain the trust of his clients was vital in guiding them towards more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

How does Dr. Lerner’s approach differ from standard therapy?

Instead of practicing clinical psychology, which often concentrates on diagnosing “illness”, determining what is “wrong” and who is to “blame”, Dr. Lerner’s strategic approach to problem‐solving focuses on strengths and what is already working to determine what you can to do to take ownership of your life and how you can be an agent for positive change at home and at work.

People often call on Dr. Lerner when they have nowhere else to turn. His breakthrough methods show you how to take control of your destiny, reduce toxic stress, disengage from debilitating conflict, develop optimal relationships, and achieve meaningful goals.

What is the process?
  1. Dr. Lerner will speak with you by phone to get a quick perspective on the challenge you are facing or the goal you want to reach.
  2. You will meet with Dr. Lerner in his office or at your home for the Strategic Life-Work Assessment and Interview.
  3. Following the assessment and interview, you will receive a Strategic Plan* identifying: a) Your overarching goal, b) The incremental steps necesssary to reach that goal, c) Respective and mutual responsibilities, and d) A good faith estimate of the timeframe it will take to reach your goal.
  4. Once the Strategic Plan is in place, Dr. Lerner will schedule face-to-face meetings and phone calls on a regular basis (usually once a week) and give you specific assignments, reading material or other media resources relevant to your plan. Dr. Lerner will be available by phone, text, or email as needed.
  5. Dr. Lerner will periodically review your strategic plan with you to assess progress and to make sure that both of you are meeting your respective responsibilities.

*NOTE: As each individual and family is unique, each program is customized to fit your needs.

What can I expect during my meetings with Dr. Lerner?

As an objective outsider, Dr. Lerner provides an opportunity in a safe and confidential setting to assess individual and family strengths and weaknesses and keep you honest with yourself.

  • Through a process of compassionate confrontation, he help you face the brutal truth concerning the attitudes and actions that are impeding your success as well as identifying your underdeveloped and/or overlooked personal and interpersonal assets.
  • Dr. Lerner partners with you in developing a collaborative plan to remove obstacles that stand in the way of reaching your goals followed by the implementation of various tasks aimed at achieving autonomy and healthy interdependency through the mastery of new skills.
  • All this occurs within a context of encouragement, confidentiality, and accountability.
Where is Strategic Family Solution located?
Dr. Lerner’s maintains offices in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Baltimore, MD. He will also meet clients in their home, office or elsewhere as needed.
Is Strategic Family Solution guaranteed?
Yes. If at the end of the first session, you are not satisfied, your fee will be refunded. If at any time thereafter, you feel that your expectations are not being met, please inform Dr. Lerner immediately. While you must ultimately take responsibility for implementing your strategic plan, he will make every reasonable effort to help you achieve success.
How do I begin?
Take the next step and contact me for a free initial consultation by sending me a message below or calling me at (917) 484-0811. I look forward to hearing from you.


“Dr. Daniel Lerner, founder of Strategic Family Solution, LLC, serves as an adviser and confidant for numerous high profile and affluent individuals whose family relationships, wealth, and businesses are threatened by issues such as affluenza, intergenerational friction, antagonistic divorces, sibling rivalry, anxiety and addiction. Dr. Lerner’s ability to quickly earn the trust of his clients and provide decisive solutions is vital in guiding them towards greater prosperity and peace of mind.”

“Dr. Lerner, a trusted expert on the interplay between family dynamics and wealth, has appeared on Network News, in the American Psychologist, New York Times, USA Today, Psychology Today, the Daily Record, and the Baltimore Sun. A powerful communicator and unforgettable public speaker, Dr. Lerner has made presentations throughout North America and overseas. He has served as a guest lecturer at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Law Schools of the University of Maryland and University of Baltimore, Sy Syms School of Business, and Sheppard Pratt Medical Center in Towson, MD.”

Dr. Lerner holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a Master of Arts in Psychology, and a Master of Science in Education from John Hopkins University.


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